Saturday, 29 May 2010

Two Birds and An African

Today I spend all day drawing/painting/I don't know what it's called. I drew an owl for my art coursework. I painted a sheet of paper with coffee to give it that old, brown kind of look. I then quickly sketched the out line. And then after that I went of the outline and added detail with sepia calligraphy ink and a calligraphy pen. And I think it turned out alright, if I do say so myself.

It looks better in real life. I promise. :)

And also another of my bird paintings (this time I know for sure that is called a painting. :p ) has been put forward for an award at my school. Yay! The award isn't anything special, but never the less I'm still pleased.
This is mainly water colours except for the white in it's eye and the white dots on it's head. I used acrylic for them.

I'm currently on my half term holiday, so that means no school for a week! Wooo. I'll probably spend a lot of time doing art coursework, revising for the million up coming science exams and hopefully having a lot of fun with my best friends. :) But hopefully more or less everyday there will be a post. However it's not a promise. :P I'll probably not be at home during the night a lot.

I'm so excited for this holiday. School was really getting me down, everyone was annoying me. And I just had enough of exams. I had two yesterday. So you'd think it would be the worst day of my life, yeah? No. The last lesson was probably the most funniest lesson of my life. It was all just a surreal blur. My friend Ella wrote a blog post about it, you can see it here, if your in any way interested. I find it hilarious and nearly die of laughter every time I read it. In fact I have printed it out, so I can read it when ever, where ever.

Love Shonaxo


  1. Those are beautiful! I love the look of the owl, but the colors of the other bird are fantastic. :)

  2. Just you mentioning that lesson made me laugh to myself. :L

  3. That owl is gorgeous! Yay for finishing exams!!