Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I don't feel like working.

Unknown ^

I have one exam left this week. It's tomorrow and I haven't revised one bit. Do I care? No. Not at all. I give up. I feel like I'm constantly stressed about school work, so I decided I needed a break. It's only a mock so it doesn't mean that much. I usually hate failing, but right now I don't give a flying f**k.

I would also like to apologise for the lack of posts. I spend all my time blankly staring at revision guides wishing I was somewhere else. But tomorrow I will post a happy mail related blog. Promise.

Oh and I'm also going to London on Monday! So hopefully I should have lots and lots of pictures to share with you. :)

Love Shonaxo

'The world is too big, to never ask why'


  1. Good luck for your exam! =)

  2. Hope you feel better soon! *hugs*

    Thank you for your mail, I received it the other day & I love everything! Love the envelope & the tea I can't wait to try out! Also love how you make that cinema "action" thingy-ma bob! I don't remember what they're called hehe but it looks so awesome!