Saturday, 31 July 2010

Secret Door

I'm so so so so so so sorry for the lack of the posts. And I'm sorry that I always seem to be saying this. But now, this time, it's serious. More serious than all of my exams put together. I broke my darling camera. And it doesn't look like I will be getting a new one till Christmas. I will try and steal my sisters every now and again, but this means there wont be any individual pictures of letters, and maybe just one picture of them all.

I will also try and find other things to write about. Like pictures, my art, and little stories you may find interesting. I have few things in mind already, but I would love your feedback. :) I have really missed blogging, so I'm glad to be back.

I hope you are all well, and to hear from you soon. :)
Shona xo

Sunday, 11 July 2010


HELLO, its my birthday today, and my dad's. We share the same birthday and this is our birthday song. :)

I would just like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday on twitter, you are all the sweetest!

I hope you are all doing well, I'm now getting ready to sit down and watch the World Cup Final. Who do you want to win? It's Holland all the way for me!

Shona xox

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Quick Mail Update.

Just a quick update with incoming and outgoing mail.

Top to bottom, left to right: A lovely letter from the newly engaged Caiti, A wonderful reply from Gemma, a gorgeous envelope from Bianca, and a beautiful first letter from Sally.

Another stunning envelope from Sally and a great letter from the fabulous Nicola.


The first letter goes to Sally, the second to Caiti, the third to Bianca and the final letter to Nicola.

And bloomin' hell the silly underlining thing has come back. Does any one a have ANY idea what is happening?

Well my lovelys I have to finish off some art course work, I may post a picture of the owl I'm drawing, later on. :)

Love Shonaxo

Friday, 2 July 2010

Atlas Packet Thangs.

Hello my darlings. All my exams are over now! YAY. I would like to thank you all for your patience. As well as writing a bunch of letters, I have been busy making these beauties (pictured above). They are made of an old road atlas, sewn together at the edges and a label was stuck on the front. I'm going to use them for sending tea and other little goodies. :) I have made about 600million of them, so anyone I write to will probably receive one soon.

I'm sorry about the length of the post but I'm currently finishing off a few letters then I will do a another post showing you my incoming and out going mail.


EDIT; HOLY CATS, how do I get rid of all this underlining nonsense? Help? Please? D: