Tuesday, 27 April 2010

-Insert interesting title here-

Hello! I'm currently sitting in my room wanting nothing but to go to sleep, but knowing in doing this I won't have a decent nights sleep. So I'll just have to struggle through. The reason for this exhaustion is work experience. It seems to take all my energy. I'm working in a record office, which is delightful! I get to handle books and letters that are hundreds of years old. The oldest one I've seen so far is over 600 years old. So I am in heaven. Being surrounded with all that history is just so exciting to me. But it doesn't matter how amazing it is there, I am certainly looking forward to leaving at the end of this week. The extra two hours kill me. D: Any way enough talk here is some incoming and out going mail. :)


The first letter is to Megan from Time after Tea, it's a reply to her lovely first letter.
And the second letter is for lovely Lauren from Letters, She Wrote.

Secondly two postcards going out to Finland and China. :)


The letter on the top is a lovely first letter from Megan. The Envelope was so cute! And the second was from Lauren. That was probably my favourite envelope I have ever received. Everything about it was just...Wow.

Two postcards from Germany, isn't the first one just so gorgeous?

Love Shonaxo

'Everyman dies, but not every man lives'-William Wallace.


  1. I really like the envelopes you sent and the ones you got :)! Looks really cool :)!

    The postcards are sweet as well :)!

  2. So glad that you got my letter, I cant wait to read the reply. Isnt it a coincidence that Lauren and I used the same address labels.